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  • 10% of your home electricity
    is for lighting
    but if you run a
    business it is up to 30%
    why not reduce it?

  • Let Ecolight Solutions help you save on energy costs and now even on installation costs as part of the VEET scheme.

  • LEDs can reduce the amount of power a light needs between 65-90%. Now they are just as bright as traditional light sources.

Ecolight Solutions Australia, based in Melbourne, Australia, achieve the best possible results in lighting using today’s rapidly evolving lighting technologies.

   Reduce your electricity running costs by providing energy efficient lighting solutions

  Help you meet government regulations and carbon tax requirements

  Reduce your carbon footprint and let your clients know you care

Get government funding under VEETs to replace your old lighting system


Ecolight Solutions Australia provides consultation, design and installation of new lighting technologies to help you reduce your running cost and greenhouse emissions.

Through our partners such as Green Energy Trading and My Electrician we can help you take advantage of government incentives to update your inefficient lighting technology with new energy saving lighting.


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Would you like free LED globes to replace your energy-hungry halogen globes in your down lights?


Call us on: 0406 875 097 or fill out a form on the contact page please.

We are offering VEET as part of our services.

Since the Victorian Government has introduced lighting as part of the VEET scheme (www.veet.vic.gov.au) domestic and commercial properties can have their lighting upgraded to energy efficient technology under a subsidy or even free of charge!

By reducing your GHG emissions you are entitled to receive discounts on products and services from E.S.A to have your inefficient lighting exchanged for approved LED and T5 lighting. Please contact us for more information if you would like take advantage of the VEET program.

The  50 Watt halogen lamps are being phased out due to their inefficiency as a light source.

All new homes and renovations must comply with new BCA J6 rules that state that the maximum lighting allowed is 5w/m2 in a home (a reduction from 25w/m2). LED lighting is the perfect solution to meet this requirement.

Please contact one of our consultants for a friendly discussion of your project. 

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